Tools and tips to enhance design team workflow and collaboration

Unlock team potential with design jams, fun contests, idea boards, and Readymag features.

readymag blog_tools and tips to enhance design team workflow and collaboration

Collaborative projects hit the mark 74% of the time, beating solo ones in business success, says a Readymag report. 66% agree that shared goals make teamwork smoother. Keen to see what else can streamline your teamwork, boost design thinking process and help you get more done without extra hassle? Find out in this article how to make the most of what you've got.

Make design team work a breeze

Keep your design team connected with handy tools like Slack or Discord for quick chats, Miro for collaborative brainstorming, and Notion for management. And when it comes to bringing your designs to life, Readymag is a game-changer. It lets team members invite collaborators to edit projects and drop comments. Plus, with safe mode, even your team's non-designers can make changes without a hitch. And for real teamwork magic, use the Comments feature to start discussions, share images, and tag teammates easily. 

Set up regular design jam sessions

Plan for a weekly or every-other-week meetup where everyone on the team can show off their work, toss around ideas, and give each other helpful feedback. It's not just about making the designs sharper—it's about building a vibe where everyone's open and growing together, sparking new ideas and getting those creative gears turning. Tools like Zoom or Google Meet are great for hosting these meetings, especially if your team is remote. 

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Turn feedback into fun with design contests

Shake things up by turning your feedback sessions into friendly design contests. Every once in a while, challenge your team to a mini-competition where everyone votes on the most creative solution or the best improvement. It’s a playful way to encourage innovation and keep everyone engaged. Plus, it adds a bit of excitement to the usual routine.

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Create a virtual idea board to shake up design thinking process

Get everyone on the same digital page with a virtual idea board. Platforms like Pinterest or Mural can be great for this. Encourage your team to pin ideas, inspirations, or anything they find cool and design-worthy. It’s a great way to see what’s buzzing in everyone's mind, and it could be the starting point for your next big project. Besides, it's a fun, visual way to keep those creative juices flowing all day long.

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