Readymag new features of 2022 wrapped up

Look back on Readymag's year of 2022 and embrace all the positive changes the tool faced during this period.

readymag blog_readymag new features of 2022 roundup

Pre-New Year greetings from Readymag, the intuitive and tunable browser-based tool for easily laying out and publishing savory web pages.

As 2022 approaches its end, yearly recaps are coming up on stage. We’re keeping with the trend and wrapping up the most significant annual updates for you. Give an eye to our interactive round-up where you’ll:

  • Explore insightful Readymag facts
  • Go over the most rocking websites of the year
  • Zoom in and out on new collaboration opportunities
  • Discover nice minor updates you’ve helped us to come up with
  • Sneak a look at what we plan to bring you in the upcoming year.

If you don’t feel like reading today, check out our stylish video wrap-up.

Don’t miss your chance to join the exciting journey with Readymag now. We’re here to empower you with a practical, collaborative and inspiring tool so you can focus on what you do best—creating gems of the web.