Made with Readymag: 6 female-led studios’ websites

Jump into a curated section of female-owned and run studios that created their nobby websites with Readymag.

readymag blog_6 female-led design studios' websites

Following in the footsteps of Readymag’s recent Designing Women initiative, this article features the websites of 6 female-led studios creating digital and object design. The pages differ in visual approaches and storytelling techniques, but what brings them together are the talented women behind the business and design with the help of Readymag. Let’s jump into the inspo right away!


volta studio is a Swiss creative playground that encourages exploration through innovative designs and technologies. It was founded in 2022 by two friends, Isa Lindner and Selina Muth, because they wanted to work in a tight-knit team of friends. Now, women take on projects in branding and communication, website and app designs, and create print products— and do it keeping people at heart.

readymag blog_volta studio

The trendy volta studio website greets you with colorful blocks of well-arranged information, spiced up with subtle animations here and there, an engaging custom cursor, and a running line at the bottom. If you open the project sections, you’ll see how they artfully combine plain text with image galleries and videos on scroll.


NADO is an independent curatorial agency specializing in projects at the intersection of art, science, and new technologies. The projects NADO has worked on include space-themed exhibitions, workshops for big brands, and a few online courses on interactive exhibition design.

readymag blog_NADO agency

NADO’s website reflects the scientific and technological approach of the team and presents information with minimum distractions. Its minimalistic layout with many on-hover and on-load galleries guides the audience with the only accent—a yellow background. It appears as you hover over a block of info or gradually builds up as you scroll.

Field of Practice

“Think and do differently” is the motto of the Field of Practice design agency. It mainly focuses on comprehensive brand strategies, visual identities, packaging, and print, and strives to design for impact.

readymag blog_field of practice

The Field of Practice’s website is a queendom of pleasant pastel colors and fine-lined illustrations, backed by slim and tender typography and just a few animations. Each project case has an accent color and carefully unfolds the making of through animations, mood boards, palettes, and even stats.


Designsake is a branding and packaging studio and a proud part of 0.1% of agencies founded by women. The award-winning team works with clients in many industries, such as female health, hospitality, and cyber security, to define, target, and capture the brands’ position. Designsake even has its emergency line for brands in an ideation crisis.

readymag blog_designsake agency

The website greets us with huge typography and immediately flings you into the bright worlds of visual identities with a big on-load slideshow. While exploring the website, you’ll come across all kinds of captivating animations: a running line, an on-hover word-changer, small attention-grabbing details, and animated collages. Juicy hi-res mockups, photos, and layouts double the eye candy.

Magdalena Gembala studio

Magdalena Gembala—an industrial designer, strategist, and entrepreneur—stands behind this interdisciplinary studio for industrial design. The studio crafts physical objects: consumer electronics, specialized devices, tech accessories, and interior design components. But it doesn’t only focus on design: it also helps brands with research and analysis, business strategies, and content production, and organizes courses on digital design tools.

readymag blog_magdalena gembala studio

The studio’s page is strictly structured and divided into information blocks loaded with text. The typography and layout choices make the information flow effortless and easy to perceive. Little to no animation is used, but the processes are described in integrated charts and enticing visuals.

Osprey Studios

Rebecca Buck Osprey is a passionate sculptor who’s been working with ceramics for over 20 years. The page holds a narrative on the sculptor’s life journey and showcases the works of her studio.

readymag blog_osprey studios

The Osprey Studios website boasts a wide array of Readymag-unique features that help to tell the story. The designer used uppercase texts on versatile backgrounds to make a statement, then led the audience to an on-scroll timeline of the studio’s onset, then to hypnotizing sculptures coming to life from simple drawings on hover. Before leaving, everyone can make their composition out of skull-like sculptures with the help of the Draggable feature.

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