Readymag presets: new menus and animations to streamline your workflow

Adding more widget combos you’ll definitely want to use in your designs.

readymag blog_new presets

Great news! 6 more presets are at your service starting today:

Two menus: a minimalistic hamburger for all viewports, which you can add on all devices at once, and a centered pill-shaped menu that sticks to the upper edge of the screen.

4 on-scroll animations: a smooth horizontal scroll; a parallax effect; text, changing opacity while loading; and a background that switches colors as you move down the page.


What Readymag presets are about

Presets are ready-made combinations of Animations, Headers and Footers, Popups and Buttons, Shots, Slideshows and Forms available at your fingertips. You can boost your design routine by using them as shortcuts to essential website elements or just as visual inspiration.

Take a look at the preset collection and learn where to access them in this short intro article.