New preset features: create, save, and reuse

Now you can save custom presets, reuse them across your projects, and enjoy a redesigned interface.

readymag blog: New preset features

We’ve introduced several updates to our presets, including the ability to save custom presets and reuse them across all of the projects within a team account. Here’s what’s new in more detail.

Custom preset kits

You can now create and save your own presets for faster access. Please note that once saved, a preset cannot be edited—you can only create a new one.

Tip: you can also organize saved presets into folders. To do this, name your presets as you would files in a hierarchical system: “Folder/Preset1”, “Folder/Preset2”, and so on. Folders will be created automatically, and only the main parts (“Preset1”, “Preset2”, etc.) will appear in the preset names. To remove a preset from a folder, click on the preset name and remove the folder name.

Global settings for team plans

You can make presets “global”, meaning that they’re available across all projects within a team account, not just a particular site. This is especially valuable if you create multiple projects with similar elements—now you can assemble asset libraries and reuse them. This feature is available for styles and colors too.

readymag blog: global settings for team plans

Users on individual plans can reuse their saved presets too, but only within a specific project. Presets can be shared with collaborators on all plans that include them (i.e., on all paid plans).

Redesigned interface with animated previews

We’ve moved presets from Widgets to a separate, larger menu, making them easier to discover. Now you can see previews for presets that include animations, simplifying the browsing experience. Note that Shots, Lottie, buttons and forms animations will only be visible after adding to a project. Additionally, you can immediately see how a preset will look on different devices by clicking the device button at the bottom right of the preset.


If you have questions about presets or any of their new features, feel free to ask our support team—they’re always ready to help.