Simplifying your design routine: Readymag presets

Introducing pre-made combinations of widgets and animations, designed to smooth up your creative mundanity.

readymag blog_announcing preset

Say hello to Readymag Presets—handy customized compositions from multiple widgets and animations. Presets will help build up essential parts of your website, ease creative routines and keep your audience engaged. To find them, go to the Widgets panel at the Left Dock or just press W in Editing mode.

There are 8 categories of presets: Animated widgets, Headers, Footers, Popups, Shots, Slideshows, Buttons and Forms. They are entirely tweakable, so you can use them as is or tweak every single detail.

Animated widgets

readymag blog_presets animated

Headers and Footers

readymag blog_presets headers footers

Popups and Buttons

readymag blog_presets popups buttons

Shots and Slideshows

readymag blog_presets shots


readymag blog_presets forms

Still have questions about Presets or want to ask for a special one? Drop us an e-mail at–we’re here to help.