Out-of-the-box burger menus with the refined Hotspot

Burger menus got easier: with the updated Hotspot you can create them as simple as ABC and tailor their design for the mobile.

readymag blog_hotspot update for burger menus

Hotspot just became more multi-functional, allowing for simpler, neater burger menus and regular tooltips. With the updated Hotspot, you can add a “Close” Icon and tweak the Popup design for mobile. 

Give your users a “Close” option

Just add a “Close” icon from the Readymag library so your website visitors can hide the menu or info. Also, now you can place the Icon, a trigger to show the Popup, above or below the Popup. 

readymag blog_close Icon for Hotspot

Customize Popup for mobile

Give your website visitors a tailored mobile experience and change the Popup design to your liking instead of a previously available default design for the mobile.

readymag blog_Hotspot design for mobile

If you need some guidance on the Hotspot and the update, just send us a line at support@readymag.com.