50 new presets to help you experiment and create faster

Welcome 50 brand new presets with pre-made animations, Lotties, typography features, menus, and multipurpose UI elements.

readymag blog_50 new presets

Here comes the enlarged pack of presets featuring fresh widget combinations: Animations, Lotties, Typography, Menus, Pop-ups, and general UI elements. The newly added presets cover even more use cases, helping you save time on mundane tasks and establishing a ground zero for your creative experiments.

To find the presets, press W in the editing mode and go to the presets section at the bottom of the menu.

Readymag animations


Here are the three new dynamic animations: one with objects moving on Bezier curves and two others with async scroll and vertigo effects for presenting images.

Lottie animations


Welcome 6 Lottie presets with various triggers: hover, click, mouse movement, and a combined one.


Liven up your texts with preset typography gimmicks like alternative glyph sets, ligatures, subscripts and superscripts, small caps, and fractions. 

readymag blog_opentype features in presets

Use eight fresh menu presets to sketch a structure quickly and tweak it as you like.

readymag blog_new presets menus


The toolbox got six brand new pop-up dummies you can adapt to collect information, gather subscriptions, and just give info updates.

readymag blog_new presets popups

Versatile UI elements

Play around with a handful of varied UI elements—you can take them as is or transform them into something new. Also, don’t hesitate to save your own preset combinations for the future.

readymag blog_new presets ui elements

If there’s something you’d like to ask about Presets, just drop us a line at support@readymag.com