Making Readymag more secure: Two-factor authentication and session control

Secure your Readymag account with two-factor authentication and see the complete list of your sessions.

readymag blog_two factor authentication and session control

These two updates will help protect your Readymag account.

First, you can now enable two-factor authentication for your account. Enter the Settings menu from your Profile page, toggle ‘Two-factor auth’ and follow the instructions. You will be prompted to download a security token app for your phone.

Important note. Don’t forget to save emergency codes: they will help you avoid being locked out of your account in case you lose your phone.

Another new feature is session control. In your profile, you’ll now see a full list of your sessions, together with login location and browser data. Use this menu to log out of sessions you don’t need anymore.

Learn more about these new features in our Help section.

If you’d like to try out new Readymag features before everyone else, apply to become a beta tester.