How to attract customers with digital content

These tried and true methods can help you elevate your digital content and attract new customers.

readymag blog_How to attract customers with digital content

A single viral post on a social media site can bring thousands of new eyes to your brand, but turning initial engagement into lasting customer relationships can be a little more complex.

Here are some ways for your business to find new online customers and, equally as important, keep your audience coming back to you.

Start by identifying your target audience

One of the most crucial steps to attracting new customers to your business is to have an understanding of your market. Always start with what you know. Your existing market likely overlaps with the new market you are targeting. Prior or existing knowledge of your customer’s behavior and goals always helps.

If you find that there are significant gaps in what you know, all hope is not lost. Forbes recommends involving previous customers with referral emails asking them for any potential feedback or referrals, as it can help you pivot with your new campaigns, identify potential pain points, and capitalize most on what works. Ask important questions about what product or service features they used most and why your brand stood out. While your new market may be attracted to your brand for different reasons, they’ll likely have similar interests.

It’s important to keep the questions clear and concise, otherwise, you risk high bounce rates or incomplete forms. You might also consider providing an incentive for those who complete the surveys or forms, like offering promo codes or giveaway entries. Include your forms in emails that are well crafted, including a call-to-action in the message that encourages recipients to take action and complete the survey or form.

Completed surveys can offer a lot of valuable information about customer satisfaction and also demographic information. A tool like Typeform can be used to create forms that generate meaningful results and keep data secure. Plus, the tool integrates seamlessly with web content created in Readymag.

If you’re still unsure of where to go next, consider analyzing the strategy of your competitors. You likely share a similar market space, and understanding who your competitors are seeking to work with and how they are getting their attention can point you toward new ideas. Conversely, you may also find it valuable to find tactics you don’t find effective.

All of this research, feedback, and self-reflection- celebratory or critical- will help you form a plan of action moving forward.

Create a mix of content

Now that you’ve gathered feedback and information about your audience’s wants and needs, let’s talk strategy. Your marketing technique to attract new customers should respond to your target market's needs, values, and unique characteristics. This is what drives them to engage with your content initially, and when done right, can keep them interested in your content.

Creating high-quality content experiences for your users is the most effective way to stand out from competitors and can even help your brand craft its reputation. Using a mix of different media and content is a highly effective way to broaden your reach, and entrench your brand identity, too.

If you want to establish thought leadership and form a community of industry professionals around your business, consider an e-magazine or creating editorial articles for the industry. Readymag is built to allow you to create a visual, flowing editorial piece using typography, animation, and much more, the entirety of which can be easily built into your site. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out some online editorials created with Readymag, like Drifttime’s 2022 Impact Report, which brings the brand’s messaging to life with typography and color.

Speaking of your site, it’s probably time to give it a makeover. Your main webpages will be the final destination for your new market base, so it’s important that it is visually captivating and makes a strong impression on visitors. If you’re in need of inspiration, Readymag has a selection of custom templates to start with, and each can be fully edited to give your website its own unique identity.

Keep your content current and exciting

It’s easy to endlessly theorize what may work and what won’t, but results will always speak for themselves. Engagement and web analytics will help you hone in on what’s working and what needs to be changed. Your business doesn’t need to stop improving when you’ve implemented your first wave of new content.

If something’s not landing quite how you’ve hoped, don’t mistake it as a personal failing, all marketing is exploratory and ever-changing, but thankfully you won’t have to go it alone.

Readymag is the robust browser-base, code-free tool created by designers for designers, so that you can create more than just websites. Your visuals, typography, and layout design can tell a story. Designers, artists, and every professional in-between can create exciting content to attract new customers and grow their business. All without laboring over complex code or programming. For more tips from designers, for designers, check out our blog.