More animation: Bézier curves and extra triggers

Make your website elements move on curves and spin in circles, and add up to 20 triggers for on-hover and on-click animations.

readymag blog_bezier curves and more triggers animation update

The animation updates are out: the Bézier curve for the “Move” effect and its easings, and additional triggers to set off animations on hover and click. All that comes with an updated animation settings panel for a smoother experience.

More flexibility: Bézier curves for the “Move” effect

In animation, a Bézier curve is used to create smooth, curved paths along which objects or elements move.

You can turn on the Bézier curve toggle in the Animation panel and tweak the path to your liking by pulling the handles. Speed ease-ins and ease-outs for the effect also got the curve controls.

More opportunities: Extra animation triggers

The limit of 3 triggers per one on-hover or on-click animation is gone. Now you can be more precise in your animations with as many as 20 triggers to launch a set of moves.

readymag blog_up to twenty triggers for animation

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