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Starting your own online magazine

Gritty Pretty: Starting your own online magazine

Gritty Pretty is the creation of Eleanor Pendleton — Australian award-winning beauty editor and the style influencer, who has worked for Harper’s BAZAAR Australia, Men’s Health and Refinery29. The first issue of Gritty Pretty magazine has won Readymag’s Mag of the Year 2014, and we decided to talk with its founder and editor Eleanor Pendleton and […]

Tomi Lahdesmaki

10 Questions with Tomi Lahdesmaki

Tomi Lahdesmaki is an Associate Creative Director at the design studio Code and Theory. Living in Hackney, London, he founded Forage Press in 2013 as an online synthesis of music and graphic design that has since attracted the talents of hundreds of artists, musicians and designers. How did you get into design? What’s your story? Even […]

Anton Repponen

10 Questions with Anton Repponen

Anton Repponen is an interaction designer whose architectural, humanistic approach has earned him an estimable CV and clients such as Google, Sony, Nintendo and Balenciaga. He currently lives in New York and has just set up his own studio with fellow designer Irene Pereyra. You’re originally from Tallinn. Tell us a bit about your creative […]