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readymag design school

Launching R/m Design School

Today storytelling and design are two notions that go hand in hand in order to create a meaning and an impact. Here at Readymag, storytelling is our direction and design is the core of our vision, mission, and product. We are dedicated to contribute to design education, as we believe that design is the key […]

travel photo story tips and ideas

A lesson in travel storytelling: 6 examples from around the world + bonus design tips.

In today’s digital world storytelling and technology become inseparably linked, making the narrative more engaging and offering a diversity of interactivity. The possibilities of digital storytelling encourage more people to abandon a single media approach and adopt a range of different means to personalize their experience. Today we decided to share with you some greatly […]

how to make miscrosites on readymag

Why you need a microsite & how to make one.

Many of us have a rather weighty online presence — 1-2 profiles in social networks, professional portfolio and a resume, personal blog, a photo album, a mood board, an email, and a couple of different messengers where we prefer to communicate. In order to introduce yourself, you would have to share all of this information […]