Secret Widgets: E-commerce, Surveys, Looped Videos and 2 more.

5 secret widgets readymag

Readymag is built on the idea of modularity, which means that the possibilities of the platform aren’t limited to a standard set of widgets. In this series of articles, we’re selecting the best online tools and services that you can use with R/m to create fantastic publications. Here is the second edition:

1. E-commerce

Price: 5% + $0.25 per transaction.

A very simple and effective solution for independent writers, designers, software developers, musicians, artists and anyone in-between, who would like to sell the products of their creativity right from their portfolios or websites created on Readymag. “Without the hassle and cost of selling within a marketplace, Gumroad enables you to sell directly to your audience — just like you talk to them.” And since this is a quick-and-easy solution you won’t find difficult settings or tons of selling options. Only some design details of how the widget can be changed: colors, description fields, and special text. In this tutorial, we demonstrate how to embed Gumroad form into Readymag.

In Use:

2. Looped Videos

Price: Free.

coub embed readymag

Coub allows users to create looping videos up to ten seconds long, using existing videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or their own files. Most people use Coub to make funny short videos, quoting their favorite movies and tv shows, but the possibilities here are endless. You can capture a moment with a tiny bit of motion and create the illusion of a cinemagraph. You can create a 3D preview to show off your products from every angle on your business website. Illustrate an article in your online magazine with a short snippet of a fashion shoot, scenery or a landscape.

In use:

3. Infographics

Price: Free trials + paid plans from 999$ per year.


Tableau is a powerful data visualization tool. With its desktop application, you can create interactive infographics that can be later shared on the web and embedded into R/m publications. Everyone who wants to present their datasets in a meaningful and beautiful way and also allow readers to interact with that data (highlight a particular part or filter the information presented) should consider Tableau as a powerful solution. The combination of Readymag + Tableau allows many writers and journalists to quickly catch up with the emerging trend of data-driven journalism.

In Use:

4. Interactive Image Galleries

Price: Free + Pro-plan 6.99$/month.

snapwidget embed readymag

Although, you can easily create a slideshow with Instagram images using our default Slideshow widget, some may want to have a live feed of images that automatically updates itself (like twitter feed) and always shows the latest photos. You can do it with SnapWidget. Just fill in the form of parameters and click Get Widget button right on their homepage. Then paste the <iframe> code into the iFrame widget. That’s what it takes to create a live feed of Instagram photos in your R/m publication of any kind.

In Use:

5. Feedback

Price: Free + Pro plans from 20$/month.

A cloud-based service that allows you to build and design beautiful device-agnostic forms, called “type forms”. You can use Typeform for creating whatever you can imagine around asking questions — surveys, tests, contests, Quizzes, job applications, landing pages and a lot more. “By matching your style, both verbally and visually, type forms transform the way you collect data, so you can put your stamp on what you ask.” What is important, the tool offers respondents a great experience across devices (desktop/laptop computers, tablets and smartphones) and a fantastic design user experience for your data collection.

In Use:

How to use these widgets:

All of the services mentioned above provide an embed code that you can copy and paste into your publication using Readymag’s embed widget.

If you have any suggestions on tools and services that you would like to use with Readymag, just drop us a note at and subscribe to our blog to keep updated.