Secret Widgets: Live Chat, Signup Form, 3D gallery and 2 more.

readymag secret widgets

Readymag is built on the idea of modularity, which means that the possibilities of the platform aren’t limited to a standard set of widgets. In this series of articles, we’re selecting the best online tools and services that you can use with R/m to create fantastic publications. Here is the 3rd edition:

1. Live Chat

Price: Paid plans start from 14$/month.

readymag secret widgets

With RumbleTalk, you can create your own personalised chatrooms and embed them on your website, presentation or any other kind of projects, where you’d like to provide live social support for your audience or customers.  Live chat may be a perfect solution for internal meetings, live stream comments, and customer support on the fly — great way to get instant feedback from your community. This video tutorial will help you to embed a RumbleTalk chat into your Readymag project.

In Use:

2. Signup Form

MailChimp Price: Free plan + Paid plans start from 10$/month.

Sign up forms are great in terms of audience and customer growth. It’s the vital solution for almost any online endeavour, whether you are running a digital magazine, providing a product or forming a community for your project.  If your audience it not that big yet and you want to start out with zero costs, Mailchimp is a way to get started — it is free up to 2,000 subscribers and has everything you need. MailChimp forms are mobile responsive, so your potential subscribers can sign up from any device. In Use:

In Use:

3. Interactive Gallery

Pinterest Widget
Price: Free.

Pinterest offers its own easy-to-use widget builder that allows you to add Pinterest content to your projects. You can find the widget builder in the “For Business” section under “Tools”, and it allows you to build five different items. Aside from standard Pin it button and follow button you can create a customizable profile widget, that will show up to 30 of your latest Pins, make a similar display from a specific board or a pin. This way you can easily share your moodboards, thematic selections, wishlists and creative ideas, allowing your visitors to engage with your Pinterest content without having to leave your project page.

4. Event Manager

Price: Free + Service fee on ticket sales.

eventbrite_readymag secret widgets

An easy-to-use event management platform that allows to plan, promote, and sell tickets to any kind of event and publish it across social media. With Readymag iframe widget, you can easily embed 4 types of event forms: event page preview, event calendar, event countdown and a ticket form. To embed the Eventbrite form into your Readymag project, simply select an event you created, go to “Invite & Promote” section, select “Widgets” and choose a form that you’d like to use. Important note: when copying the code, copy and paste only the iframe part — <iframe… ></iframe>.

In Use:

5. 3D Gallery

Price: Free.

secret widgets

Megavisor is extremely useful for those who sell anything on the internet. With this tool you can present a compelling and detailed view of your physical products, create a panoramic view of an interior (amazing opportunity for shops, cafes, restaurants and other public spaces to present yourself in a whole new way) or even a scenery of an architecture project. Let your readers interact with the objects instead of showing them just one picture. The platform also has a catalogue of ready-made objects which can be used free of charge for any purpose and save you money on a studio photo session.

In Use:


How to use these widgets:

All of the services mentioned above (except for the ones with special tutorials), provide an embed code that you can copy and paste into your project using Readymag’s Embed widget.

If you have any suggestions on tools and services that you would like to use with Readymag, just drop us a note at and subscribe to our blog to keep updated.