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Launching R/m Design School

readymag design school

Today storytelling and design are two notions that go hand in hand in order to create a meaning and an impact. Here at Readymag, storytelling is our direction and design is the core of our vision, mission, and product. We are dedicated to contribute to design education, as we believe that design is the key to self-expression, problem-solving, and accurate communication and we want to help people achieve absolute perfection when designing their own content.

That being said, we are happy to launch R/m Design School ( — an e-series of informative projects about design, a constantly expanding “design primer”, covering such fundamental concepts as typography, color, grids and composition. It is a practical and engaging source that cultivates creative thinking.

readymag design school

Сhapter one is about combining typefaces — the nuts and bolts of graphic and web design. Despite the fact that fonts are the fundamental basics, like all basics they are often neglected and replaced with advanced novelty.

In the times of print, fonts became art and established themselves as a separate culture. Now there are thousands of designers who work in the web space, yet few of them have thoroughly mastered typography, but the ones who have – tend to stand out and, generally, their works are of exceptional quality.  readymag design school

The idea behind R/m Design School is to share valuable design knowledge so that more and more people improve and perfect their design experience. We provide the essential basis and the rest simply adds up to it. And by the way, the entire R/m Design School was made with Readymag.