25 tools & apps we use at Readymag to get things done

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On our path to creating Readymag, we’re equally devoted to improving the way our team works and cooperates. Over the time, we’ve tried a whole bunch of different apps and tools, which were similarly recommended by other teams and creatives. We’ve changed our favourites, tried brand new ones and returned to the old faithful. For today, we’ve formed a time-tested toolkit, which helps us stay productive and get things done good and in time on a daily basis. Here is our team sharing the favourites:

Design productivity


Free web and mobile mockup and UI prototyping tool. The best tool to collaborate and communicate your design ideas with a teammate or a client. Easy and comfortable to use, build by designers for designers to the point. — Zhdan Philippov, designer

productivity tools invision    productivity tools invision


Another great tool to build interaction and animation prototypes. Nice simple way to quickly check my animations. — Janis Markin, designer

framer design productivity tools


Professional vector graphics app, the one that will make you forget about Photoshop for good. Great speed when working with large documents, neat font rendering and easy export. I use it when I need to quickly create a prototype or test an idea. — Zhdan Philippov, designer

Team communication and planning


All professional communication in one place, instantly searchable, good mobile application. They will add calls soon and it’ll become excellent. — Yanis Markin, designer

startup team productivity tools slack


Simple and clean help desk application. It allows the whole team to tackle user questions and requests. One of the best tools on the market, with a lot of useful features that all similar applications lack. — John Petrov, customer support

groove productivity tool


An incredibly flexible project manager, we use it for all sorts of tasks — from development sprints to social media planning. But we had to add a plugin to track time in the scrum. It would be nice if Trello supported this natively. — Kirill Danchenko, business development

trello team productivity tool

Apple’s Calendar

Apple’s built in Calendar is a good deal to cover the essential basics: quick appointments and tasks scheduling. On one hand, it’s very convenient, that everyone sees the same events, but you can accidentally create a personal event — and everyone will also see it. — Diana Novichikhina, operations & finance


Readymag’s team is dispersed across the globe, as well as our community. Until I memorize all the time differences, I could use one handy and beautifully designed mobile app. Circa has attracted me with its minimalist interface and ease of use, I would wear a hand watch like this. — Polina Savinova, content manager

time zones management app



Our semi-secret development, Planoram is a scheduler — here we’re planning large stretches into weeks and months. It has been 3 years since we froze its development in favour of Readymag, but still everyone who happens to see it begs us to send an invite. It would be ideal to integrate it with Trello and have the ability to tie boards to the segments in Planoram. — Kirill Danchenko, business


Task management 


A notebook in a form of lists with an infinite nesting capability. Very useful for my to-do lists and quick notes. — Olga Alekseeva, product analyst

workflowy task managing tool


The best realization of GTD methodology. Cleaned to perfection. Easy to create tasks on the fly on the Mac using hot keys. And there’s a handy app for Mac and IOS. — Ilya Shuvalov, developer


MindMeister provides a great way to visualize information while also providing tools to facilitate real-time collaboration and task management. I store everything there: project plans, ideas and my numerous checklists for testing. — Olga Alekseeva, product analyst

I was never fond of process task managers, none of them lived with me for more than two weeks. The specifics of my work is in a large number of “fast” tasks that need to be quickly juggled every day. I needed some super simple solution with a pleasant interface — a notebook, where I will take notes, communicate with colleagues and exchange tasks. Wunderlist became the perfect solution.  — Diana Nivichikhina, operations and finance

wunderlist task managing tool

Storage and sharing

Super-fast and super-easy way to share files, especially screenshots. You just press the hotkey and your file is in the cloud, with a link to it in the buffer. — Ilya Shuvalov, developer

cloudapp team productivity tool


The basis of the remote teamwork. I use it since 2010, I think, and it is a miracle. Only once, there was a significant crash, which cost us two days of work. —  Zhdan Philippov, designer


The best tool for sharing anything super quickly, especially screenshots. I can simply drag & drop anything onto its icon in the menu bar, and, unlike Dropbox, it will create a handy short-URL for sharing. — Polina Savinova, content manager

Notes and annotations 


Evernote became an extension of my brain and my everyday working space. It’s the place where I keep all my writing ideas, to-do lists and drafts. Convenient mobile app to save stuff on the go and ultimate sharing possibilities. Though, there are still some imperfections in the organizing system. — Polina Savinova, content manager

evernote task management tool


A simple-to-use annotation software for images and screenshots. The one that I use a lot when dealing with customers’ questions — a picture paints a thousand words. And an annotated picture is priceless. It’s flawless in its simplicity. — John Petrov, customer support


This application has made its way from being a bulky part of the monstrous Microsoft Office suite to a separate cross-platform efficient note-taking application which is now № 1 on all of my devices. It’s great for organizing information: each note is a canvas where you can arrange information in two-dimensional space,  not only in a linear fashion. — Ilya Shuvalov, developer

Miscellaneous favourites

RStudio  — favourite tool for analysing complex datasets.

Grammarly  — an automated grammar and writing revision tool with great proofreading and plagiarism-detection capabilities.

Skala Preview & Sketch Mirror — designing in mobile mode live preview, great addition to every designers’ workflow.

BreakTime — a simple utility that’s designed to help you remember to take breaks away from your computer.

Snapseed — after the latest interface and features update, probably the best professional mobile image editor.

If you’ve noticed that we have missed out on some productivity tool or service you think is awesome, we would very much appreciate your advice at subject “Tools to make things done”. Stay productive!