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Launching Readymag Blog

Readymag Blog

At Readymag we create smart and beautiful tools for digital storytelling. Recently we published an open letter to R/m community in which we shared some thoughts about the past and the future of our platform. Today we’re happy to launch our blog that will be fully dedicated to design education.


If Readymag itself is the tool for your hands, this will be the place to feed your mind. We’ve defined four categories that will unite all the posts on this blog:

1. Community

It’s all about you, your work and experience. Here we’ll be publishing interviews with creative professionals, talking about design and online publishing.

2. Theory & Practice

Articles and special projects relating to every stage of the creation and distribution of digital publications. We’ll write about design, typography, grids, color, building audience and promoting your work; everything that can help you become a better publisher.

3. Inspiration

Pictures, sounds, videos and links; we’ve got tons of inspiring examples of creative thinking that we’ll share and dissect with you.

4. R/m Lab

This one is all about us. Apart from announcing new features, we’ll also talk about the creative process within Readymag, how interfaces are created and evolve, and why the first sketch of R/m looked exactly like this:

One of the first sketches of Readymag’s UI, 2010.

One of the first sketches of Readymag’s UI, 2010.

Subscribe to the blog using the form on the right and check out our first article — an interview with Anton Repponen, art director from NY, in which he talks about his creative paths.