Why you need a microsite & how to make one.

how to make miscrosites on readymag

Many of us have a rather weighty online presence — 1-2 profiles in social networks, professional portfolio and a resume, personal blog, a photo album, a mood board, an email, and a couple of different messengers where we prefer to communicate. In order to introduce yourself, you would have to share all of this information and the links by email or in a long impersonal instant message.


microsite example 1

The format of a microsite simplifies this task and makes it easy for people to learn about you and find your content on the web. A microsite is basically your portable digital business card that is universally accessible.

miscrosite example 2

Creating a personal microsite is a great way of putting your content out there while simultaneously keeping the information about yourself down to a minimum, carefully selecting how you would like to be presented online.

microsite example 3

A microsite is usually designed as a smaller website of  just a page or two with the main focus on a brief bio about you along with your professional description, your contact information such as your email and social profiles, and a link to your portfolio-website. It is also a good practice to map a domain with your name to a microsite to help your friends, followers and potential clients quickly find all your work online in one place.

microsite example 4

Keeping in mind that microsites are actually a big thing we’ve prepared a handy pack of miscrosites’ templates, which you can easily adapt to your personal and professional needs.

Fill in your bio, attach your social profile links, choose a background picture, and you personal microsite is ready in 1 and a half minute.

Watch this short video to learn how: