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A lesson in travel storytelling: 6 examples from around the world + bonus design tips.

travel photo story tips and ideas

In today’s digital world storytelling and technology become inseparably linked, making the narrative more engaging and offering a diversity of interactivity. The possibilities of digital storytelling encourage more people to abandon a single media approach and adopt a range of different means to personalize their experience. Today we decided to share with you some greatly designed travel narrations & as a bonus we’ve got some Readymag tricks that will enhance a photo story of your own:

 An elegant 10-pages narrative about a trip to Thailand, the land of friendliness and whole-hearted smiles. A great example of how just a few breathtaking images paired with a fascinating video result in a solid photographic story.

 ‘Alone in Iceland’ is a story experienced and told by a courageous surfer Dane Gudauskas and captured by photographer Elli Thor Magnusson. A clearly expressed style of narration and a smart use of minimalistic design elements all together forming a full-fledged digital piece.

 Not quite a photo story, more of a photo book about an insightful journey to the magical Kingdom of Nepal. The tale about traditions and customs, decorated with graphic design elements complementing the character of the photographic storytelling.

 A colorful photo journey to the calmness of Cabo Verde’s islands photographed and created by designer Jan Hippchen.

  A beautiful story documenting China’s everyday life traditions. Joshua Cogan is an Emmy Award-winning documentary photographer and anthropologist whose work explores both custom and the social struggle of the vanishing cultures.

Jericoacoara is a magnetizing place for travelers keen on hard-to-reach locations and unique experiences — a breathtaking journey by designer and photographer Anton Repponen of a NY-based design studio Anton & Irene.

7 Readymag features that will greatly benefit your travel photo story:


travel photo story tips

The easiest and the fastest way to start designing your photo story is to use templates. Once you click Create in Readymag editor, you will be offered a set of predesigned templates with a special group for photo stories. All you have to do is to choose the template that appeals to you — you can select a full set of template’s pages, or combine pages from different designs to create your own unique layout. And within the template it’s even easier to operate: you just substitute your photos and texts and customize them as you like — change the text color, choose another font, use additional widgets.


travel photo story tips

Using icons in your photo stories may be an interesting design decision. You can replace practically any information — landmarks, weather conditions, vehicles, etc. with beautiful graphic symbols. Readymag’s integration with the Noun Project gives you an access to thousands of free glyph icons on any topic. Select the Shape widget, choose the duck icon and search for the topic you want to illustrate. You can easily change the color of the icon, resize it, rotate it, and fix it with a link to a website or to one of the pages in your publication.


travel photo story tips

The Slideshow widget comes in handy when creating stories that display several photos and, for example, require some comments for the final touch. You can find it in the same widget menu by pressing the plus button. The widget will immediately prompt you to upload multiple photos from your computer. In the slideshow preferences, you can change their sequence, activate the fullscreen mode and autoplay, add thumbnails and choose the slideshow style with captions.

Google Maps

travel photo story tips and ideas

With the Google Maps widget, you can turn your photo story into a travel guide. You can easily share the locations of the places you’ve visited, create routes, or make a detailed fully customized map for your fellow travel photographers to follow.


travel photo story tips and ideas

Lots of travel photographers use Instagram as an online portfolio, where they keep their best shots. You can easily load the pictures from your story straight from the Instagram account, or add pictures of your friends’ from the feed, or even find some extra images by tag search. And of course you can stretch these photos, trim, hyperlink them and more. Just use the Picture widget, then click the Instagram icon, and change the settings using the widget bar on the right.


travel photo story tips and ideas

Music is the most powerful conductor of vivid memories and associations, so it may be a good design idea to attach your favorite track to a photo story to make it more meaningful. Simply choose Sound in the widget menu, paste the track’s URL from Soundcloud, twist the settings and customize the appearance of the player.


travel photo story tips and ideas

When your photo story is ready, there is one important point left that could radically change the nature of your narration and its perception — the navigation style. You can choose between the classic flipping — the common photo album look, or scroll navigation — an emerging trend in the blog and app culture. You can play with navigation styles in Settings, the Viewer tab. There you can also customize your navigation by removing arrows, adding the page counter, hiding the menu and more.

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