10 Pinterest boards for an overall creative inspiration.

Pinterest boards to follow

Expanding the boundaries of inspiration, this month, we’ve decided to appeal to the leading collector of everything eye-catching — Pinterest. Design masters at work, Soviet typography, Japanese graphic design, editorial inspiration and a lot more in our special Pinterest edition of Who to follow: 

1. Studio Transformer / Cyrillic

Follow Studio Transformer’s board Cyrillic on Pinterest.

Studio Transformer is a small Moscow-based branding studio with an exceptional visual taste. The Cyrillic board is their ongoing collection of samples of both old and new Cyrillic type pieces — Soviet books’ covers, posters and best from Russian editorials of modern days.

2. Esquire / Photography

Follow Esquire’s board Photography on Pinterest.

Photography board curated by the team of Russian Esquire magazine. The hallmark of all the photos featured in Esquire magazine is their rich visual narration, whatsoever is depicted or not shown on them. If you want to claim you know photography — don’t miss this board.

3. Wayne Ford / Graphic Designers at Work

Follow Wayne Ford’s board Design: Graphic Designers at Work on Pinterest.

A collection by graphic designer and creative director Wayne Ford. What can be more inspiring than watching the greatest in the creative process: Alexey Brodovitch and Richard Avedon arranging the sequence of pages, Gary Anderson presenting his Recycle symbol, Lella & Massimo Vignelli reviewings the Benetton Branding guideline.

4. Sergey Lomakin / Studio

Follow Sergey Lomakin’s board Studio on Pinterest.

The Studio set collected by fashion photographer Sergey Lomakin is an ultimate guide to the current trends in art direction and still life photography. Colourful geometry mismatched textures and surreal incognito characters.

5. Nicolas Valla / Work is in the house

Follow Nicolas Valla {Royal Roulotte}’s board Work is in the house on Pinterest.

A great selection of creative workspaces by interior designer Nicolas Valla. Workspace is important and sacred. As the saying goes: ‘Show me your desk and I’ll tell you who you are’, or ‘A workspace is worth a thousand words’.

6. Ionut Radulescu / Layout

Follow Ionut Radulescu’s board LAYOUT on Pinterest.

New York-based designer and illustrator Ionut Radulescu Pins the outstanding examples of the contemporary editorial layout designs. To watch and learn, and make even better.

7. Playtype / Mood

Follow Playtype’s board MOOD on Pinterest.

Playtype is a Danish type foundry working on the junctions between typography and aesthetic compositions, creating fonts and curating beautiful stuff. Mood is their nonexceptional Pinterest board сombinig pieces of modern fine art, installations, graphic design and photography under a similar eccentric style.

8. Rich Stapleton / Outside

Follow RICH STAPLETON’s board O U T S I D E on Pinterest.

Rich Stapleton is the founder and creative director of Cereal magazine, a one-of-a-kind travel and style magazine which engages with its calibrated minimalistic design, subtle typography and inspiring spatial photography. Outside is his collection of light and calming landscape photography, holding to the magazine’s visual language — a mood board for tranquility and mindfulness.

9. Toshio Miyake / Ikko Tanaka

Follow Toshio Miyake’s board Ikko Tanaka on Pinterest.

Toshio Miyake is a pioneer of Pinterest with over a hundred thousand of followers and a huge library of boards on graphic design and graphic design masters. Our personal favourite is the board with the works of the greatest Ikko Tanaka.

10. COS / 50 Things

Follow COS’s board 50 Things on Pinterest.

50 Things was a project to celebrate COS arrival in the US. “A collection of things we love from across America — one from each of the 50 states”. This Pinterest board probably won’t be updated, but you can Repin it at least 50 times and just absorb the idea as a brilliant inspiration itself.

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